JoJoBrooks™ Anti-Aging Skincare Line by Josephine Brooks

"This skin rejuvenation serum softens age lines, hydrates skin, and gives the skin a radiant youthful appearance, An effective anti-aging serum for the neck and hands, it has been used in my family for four generations." ~ Josephine Brooks

This botanical repair serum is especially formulated as a repair complex. It increases blood and lymph circulation. When used daily over time this serum has the ability to repair and retard the fine lines and wrinkles caused by damaging aspects of the environment such as sunlight, high wind and low humidity. Menwe de Millie is our signature product containing rare botanicals Menwe de Millie Skin Rejuvenation Serum is a perfect treatment for tightening aged dry skin or aging hands and has been proven to aid in the treatment and reversal of rosacea and eczema. For use on the hands, a pair of soft cotton gloves are included for this purpose. Find Menwe for sale in finer hotels and gift shops throughout Southern California or you can ORDER ONLINE.